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Who We Are

The Benedict Center is an interfaith, nonprofit criminal justice agency working with victims, offenders and the community to achieve a system of justice that is fair and treats everyone with dignity and respect. 

The Benedict Center provides community-based treatment alternatives to incarceration for women so they can live safer and healthier lives for themselves, their children and the community. 

The Benedict Center advocates for changes in the criminal justice system, with an emphasis on restorative community alternatives to imprisonment, to ensure fair and equitable justice for all.

Your contribution funds programs that help transform lives and build our community.  Support Justice in the Community. 
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In The News

Handbags for Justice featured
on the Morning Blend

Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle interview Joan Houlehen, member of the Friends of the Benedict Center and chair of the Handbags for Justice II event along with Jeanne Gerace, executive director of the Benedict Center (09/05/2013).

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