Providing Treatment and Support

Justice-involved women are disproportionately impacted by substance use and mental health issues. In our community, approximately 72% of women jailed at the Milwaukee County House of Correction (HOC) report having substance use disorders, 67% report having a mental health issue, and 69% report having a co-occurring condition (LaBelle & Rose, 2017).

We are the leader in providing effective treatment and support for justice-involved women.

Women play a critical role in families and communities. Women profoundly influence our communities and the next generation. When women are healthy and safe, the community thrives. We approach the health and safety of women as a public health issue, one that needs to be gender-responsive.

The Benedict Center continues to trail-blaze innovative programs and advocacy that make real and positive changes for women involved the criminal justice system. We recognize the challenges facing justice-involved women, including gender-specific risks and needs.

We further recognize that women bravely push forward in the face of great systemic barriers including poverty, unstable housing, inadequate education, racial discrimination, violence against women, and the stigma of a criminal record. For these reasons, we advocate for women and for systemic change to end these injustices.

Becoming Healthier & Safer

Two thirds (2/3) of incarcerated women in the U.S. are charged with non-violent crimes. Children of incarcerated women are impacted significantly. Learn more about this important topic. [Link to Women and Mass Incarceration; M. Goodwin, Ted Talk 6/18] 

As the jail and prison populations continue to rise, we need innovative programs, like those at the Benedict Center, to address the overwhelming challenges incarcerated women are facing, including the fact that 85% of them report physical or sexual trauma in their lifetimes. Watch this video that summarizes some of the key statistics and the conditions women are facing. [PBS News Hour, 11/18]


Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The Benedict Center provides substance use treatment services that are specifically designed to address the unique needs of justice-involved women.

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Mental Health Counseling

Women meet one on one with a licensed counselor and participate in groups facilitated by a licensed counselor.

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Sexual Assault Advocacy

The Benedict Center provides culturally competent sexual assault advocacy services aimed at supporting women in the street-based sex trade who are victims of sexual assault and/or trafficking in their efforts to achieve justice and healing.

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Street Outreach and Drop In Centers

Our program is prepared to help women find safety and healing while advocating for adequate, affordable and accessible housing, drug treatment, trauma counseling, and prevention of violence against women.

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Resource Connections

All of the the Benedict Center Programs work to connect women with resources they need - housing, basic needs (food, clothes, hygiene products), medical care, COVID safety kits, and connecting to other community and system resources.

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